Welcome to Our Website!

Welcome to the Official and International site of the Ancient Martinist Order.


Our primary Goal is to bring you information about Martinism and about out branch.

We feel that the times are changing and that the hour has arrived to change a little bit the position of our Order, giving a bit more of information about us...


For centuries, the visible and invisible schools of mysteries had the privilege and the power to access an ancient source of knowledge and to give to very few the access to it. It was then necessary to pass several tests in order to prove, to him and to all those who were already Initiates, is true interior and external force; His true will and his strongest perseverance.

If the candidate passed all those tests, he would be in conditions to be received among the enlightened ones.

Those tests, those proof's and those swore and professed commitments, associated with the presence of the sacred forces invoked by the group, especially by the one who would establish the link between the visible and the invisible (transforming an act of pure theater in a sacred ritual), was and still is, named: Initiation.


We must try to understand this word in a sacred sense. It as nothing to do with the belonging to a club or to a social or financial elite. It is something different, more high, elevated. It is a need, a calling to serve, to serve All. It is the will to cooperate in the project of the Creator.


We see, every day, hundreds of people being cheated in false traditions, huge superstitions, false religions;

We see, every day, people trying to find a Way to their lives and going into paths that will not give them even hope.

We see, every day, the injustice growing and true honor falling into disgrace. The evil being put on an altar and the Wivine being criticized and destroyed, buried and stepped.

We see, every day, the rise from movements of new age, only making big cake's composed by teachings not apprehended, using strange words to describe simple things, and making jokes on the sacred giving workshops about esoterism and using that word to sell, sell and sell...


The true esoterism cannot be sold. It is conquered. Slowly! In a process in which each person develops his own true Self, in order to achieve a higher comprehension of the reality of the world that surrounds us.


A flower it's not only a vegetable. She has life, colors, perfumes. She reacts to external stimulus like the Sun and the rain. She is... Unique. As the plant, each one of us is unique. Each one of us as life, color, perfume. But more than that... Each one of us as a divine spark unique, but linked to all the spark's. Like every little grain of sand or every little drop of water belongs to the planet earth; so thus we also belong to one only reality. All this must be truly comprehended. In a full-scale and not only in a limited way.


There is much to be done and few time do do it. The time is now! Not last day, and certainly not tomorrow.


In Martinism, we can only give for free what you have received for free. The Truth. Not a truth... The Truth!

If that is your true desire, and believe me, it is not a easy one, please fell free to contact us. You can use the above link/e-mail in the menu, or send a e-mail to the chancellery at: chancellery.amo@gmail.com


We hope with this website that your heart be awoken. We hope that you open yourself to the knowledge of our order and the true desire of his tradition.

We hope one day you find your way in the Work of the Grand Design. May your steps conduce you to the spring Source of all the Life.


Yours, before the Sacred Flambeaux;

The Chancellor of the Order;


Sâr Christophorus